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Maxon offers exams that validate your know-how, verify your skills to make you more hire-able, or even certify you as a Cinema 4D instructor.

Cinema 4D Elementary Knowledge Test

Put your Cinema 4D awareness to the test. Our online, multiple choice quiz will test your basic knowledge of Cinema 4D.

Cost: Free

Cinema 4D Basics Comprehensive Certification

We believe “certified” should mean an artist has the skills to be able to substantially contribute to a production pipeline. We surveyed many studios to find out what basic skills they would expect a certified artist to know and compiled a list of Certification Topics. To pass, you must be able to demonstrate 90% proficiency within 2-3 hours, live with a Certified Instructor. All our Certified Trainers use these same criteria as their guide for testing.

To find out more, contact our Customer Service team.

Cost: ~

Cinema 4D Trainer Certification

In order to become a Certified Trainer, you must pass an instructional test given by two different Master Trainers. This testing is based on the same Certification Topics with a focus on your ability to teach these concepts.

If you are interested in becoming a Cinema 4D Certified Trainer, contact our Customer Service team.

Cost: ~

Red Giant Product Certification

With our Red Giant product certifications, the format is 50 questions, with 1 hour allowed to complete. You can prepare for the certifications by reviewing our Red Giant tutorials, as well as reading through the on-line user guides. Please email training if you have any questions about taking the assessments.

Begin your assessment:

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